Who is Student Life?

Student Life is the university ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ Australia. You can find us on over 30 campuses throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia. Students from various or no church backgrounds are involved in Student Life.

We are committed in seeing an attractive and effective Christian presence on every university campus in Australia and beyond. We want to give each university student the chance to hear about Jesus Christ and how He is relevant to our lives.

Student Life is a group for both Christians and non Christians alike. It gives people the opportunity to investigate Christianity and find their faith for themselves.

Founded in 1974, Student Life has had over 30 years of university ministry experience in Australia.

Our statement of faith explains more about what we believe in.


“Turning Lost Students into Christ Centred Labourers”


“A Movement for Every Campus, the Gospel for Each Student”



  • Expose students to the Gospel
  • Win students to Christ
  • Build students to be Christ-like
  • Train students with ministry skills
  • Send students out to fulfill the Great Commission

Student Life works with university students because they are the leaders of tomorrow and will exert a major influence on the future. They are also searching for answers and are willing to seriously consider the relevancy of Jesus Christ in their lives. University students have more time than any others to invest their lives – present and future for Jesus Christ. Universities are also seeing a large number of international students, which enables us to reach many countries in our own backyard.